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Project Planning - Business Model

Any sustainable broadband network must include a business plan that addresses both the funding for the network build, as well as the operational aspects. The business plans will be based on known partnership models from open access using multiple providers to single providers participating in the cost of deployment, maintenance and operations. The results of our efforts will include:

• The Needs Assessment and Market Aggregation
• The Assets Inventory (what do we already have we can use?)
• The Community Surveys to determine and build consensus
• The Network Goals, Design, Preliminary Costs Estimates and Architecture Design
• The Financial Planning and Pro Forma Worksheets
• The Financing and Funding Strategies
• The Project Plan

Project Planning - Business Model

On time and within budget. That’s how we do it. We have developed a core group of engineering and construction partners who specialize in fiber and wireless network design and build outs. Our first job is to lead the design of the network, including the network electronics. That involves:

• Detailed cost estimates for equipment and construction
• Network engineering and route planning
• Right-of-ways and access rights for roads, property and utility poles
• Fiber and wireless network designs, creating a best-of-breed network

After the network design is approved, we create the project plan, with time lines and responsibilities for all involved partners. Then our job becomes the project oversight and quality assurance needed to build your network. We use the project management skills and experience learned over 15 years of creating networks for many communities. We work with our known and trusted manufacturers to procure network gear that is reliable, easy to operate, and that has low maintenance costs. These steps involve:

• Selection of fiber and wireless construction contractors
• Project management of construction and reporting
• Project budget management and reporting
• Quality assurance and construction inspection
• Equipment selection and vendor management
• Network equipment installation, configuration, and testing
• Development of network operations policies and procedures

Acreditations & Certifications

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Project Planning Design

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