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About Us

Who We Are

Trificient Technologies (Trificient) was founded in 2001, in Mount Airy, NC. Our sole purpose was to bring internet connectivity and related services to locations which were underserved by the incumbent providers. That is still our mission.

What We Do

We provided support in for form of consulting, designing, engineering, building, implementing and supporting broadband and network delivery systems to meet the specific needs our customers. LAN's WLAN's, Point-to-Point, WiFi(Indoor and Outdoor), Guest Analytics, Surveillance, Network Operation Center, Internet Service Provider. That is still what we do.

Our Customers

Typically cities, counties or municipalities which historically have been underserved, the actual last mile connections that everyone talks about but few attempt to rectify. Additionally we work with Schools, Police, Fire, Emergency Services to provide products and services related to our partners, such as Dell, Samsung, Trango, Axis, Ingram Micro, Google, Acer, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Dahua, IPConfigure.


Telecommunications System Infrastructure (Wireless/Fiber/Hybrid)

• Preliminary Site Evaluation
• Automated Design, As Built and Modifications
• Engineering
• Approvals, Permits
• Construction Management
• Inventory Management
• Continuing Support
• Towers, Fiber, Electronics, Ground Stations, Housing, Power,
   Telecommunications System Networks
• Design
• Engineer
• Equipment Selection
• Build
• Test
• Implement
• Support
• Products and Services
• Network Services
• Computers
• Chromebooks
• Surveillance
• Connectivity
• Training
• Grants
• Research and Development
• Value Proposition

Major Projects Completed

Internet Service Provider

Trificient built and maintained a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) system in Mount Airy, NC from 2001 to 2009. The system was comprised of 7 tower locations providing coverage to customers in a 28 mile radius. We provided internet and voice services, as well as network services to over 500 customers in North Carolina and Virginia.

Engineering, Construction, Management
Carroll County, Grayson County, Galax, Virginia

Trificient built and maintained the original wireless internet system in Carroll County, Virginia, providing Galax and Hillsville with broadband connectivity. This system was incorporated into The Wired Road which is still in operation. Our engineers designed and built the wireless equipment used to provide service to the end users when the equipment provided by a manufacturer did not work. The same Trificient designed equipment was used in other locations and is still performing today.

Bland County, Virginia

Trificient designed and built wireless systems for Bland County, Virginia. Originally we built a mesh network, providing coverage in downtown Bland and out to the I-77 exit. We designed a wireless network providing coverage to communities located on the I-77 corridor. We extended the network to another small community using funding from the USDA Community Grant Program. Trificient provided the design and technical details to support the grant application. We built the towers, implemented the backhaul and customer delivery system, constructed the community building to house the computer center for the unserved area and ran the ISP operation.

Cherokee, North Carolina

Trificient was commissioned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to design and build a wireless network to deliver internet connectivity on the Qualla Boundary. The project began in 2008 and the build out was completed in 2012. EBCI also ask Trificient to set up and manage the WISP operation which began in 2010 and continues today.

Trificient was also tasked to manage two existing fiber rings for the tribe. One ring covers 280 miles in western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia. The second ring is a 23 mile ring built to serve tribal governmental departments on the Qualla Boundary. The two rings interconnect which will allow the tribe to provide services to outlaying sectors of the tribe in Robbinsville, Snow Bird and Murphy, North Carolina.

Trificient was also commissioned to build and manage the Internet Service Provider (ISP) facility for the Tribe. The ISP operation was named Cherokee Broadband Enterprise (CBE). CBE provides all the necessary back office support for billing and collections, personnel, inventory, purchasing, financials and other like office functions. Trificient hired and trained the personnel to run the operation.